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FIGHTER_GOLD's 553 application

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  1. How many SCPs have you applied for and gotten Accepted? 0
    1. If you put [4], which SCP whitelist would you like to swap with this one if the Application is accepted? (Ignore if less than 4):
  2. Which SCP are you applying for?: SCP-553-ATL
  3. Give a detailed description of this SCP in YOUR OWN WORDS (100 Words MINIMUM): SCP-553-ATL 'The Friendly Giant' is an object class Euclid SCP housed in the Foundation. He resembles an obese male, but has a childish manner of acting and speaking. SCP-553-ATL uses a giant bat as a weapon when hungry or when insulted according to his weight. He claims to have found it under his pillow. SCP-553-ATL Appears to not feel physical harm, but listens to Foundation when threatened. If SCP-553-ATL is not fed within a time period he becomes enraged and rushes towards D-block in search of food, killing anyone trying to stop him with his bat. SCP-553-ATL will kill ANYONE who calls him fat.
  4. What Object Class is this SCP?: Euclid
  5. How is this SCP maintained on our Server?: SCP-553 must be taken to D-block cafeteria to eat his donut to be maintained. (Can use EZ during a riot)
  6. How does this SCP breach on our Server?: SCP-553 can request a donut every 10 minutes, if he is refused 3 times, SCP-553 can tear down his CC with his bat.
  7. How is this SCP re-contained on our Server?: SPC-553 must be placed under fearRP and escorted back to its cell.
  8. What does this SCP do while breached?: SCP-553 Rushes towards D-block killing everyone bodyblocking him and moves into the cafeteria to eat a donut. He will then spend 2 minutes eating it and then go passive.
  9. Does this SCP fear for its life?: Yes, when not enraged
  10. Can this SCP open doors?: Yes
  11. Can this SCP breach other SCPs? If so, what are the rules regarding it?: No
  12. Can this SCP be killed? If so, how?: No
  13. After getting contained as an SCP, what do you HAVE to do?: You must get off the job for 5 minutes before hopping on again.

  1. Have you ever been removed from this Job? (If so, please explain why?): I had a ban for RDM as SCP-553 for killing the wrong person 3 years ago.
  2. What is a "/me"? Please give an example: /me represents a roleplay action that cannot be visualised in-game: /me eats a donut
  3. If someone performs a "/me" against you, what do you do?: I can either play along, roll against it, or roll with a counter /me
  4. What is a "/roll"? Please give an example: /me attempts to break down door, /roll
  5. What is RDM? Please give an example: Random Death Match, killing people for no reason.
  6. What is NLR? Please give an example: New Life Rule. Forget everything of your death.
  7. What is FearRP? Please give an example: FearRP means that you have to value your life when threatened. 3 GENSEC pointing a gun at a D-class, the D-class has to follow their orders.
  8. When a staff member tells you to get off the job, will you listen to them? Yes
  9. Do you understand that the goal of playing any SCP is to roleplay, not get kills whenever you can? Yes

  1. What is the date? 11.04.2024
  2. What is your Discord name and Discord ID?: fighter_gold / 317650546875957249
  3. What is your in-game name?: Dean McNeil
  4. What is your SteamID? (Steam_64 - Example: 76561198062648488): 76561198131133737
  5. How many hours do you have in GMod, and what level are you in game?: 2000
  6. What other characters do you actively play as?: GENSEC Dean McNeil / D-Class "Glarus"
  7. Please list ALL of your warns and/or Bans: I don't know.
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