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Foundation Database: Johnathan Antonio Giovanni Carlo Rossi DiGiorgio II


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You are attempting to Access File 3322 - Designated as "Head of Research"

This file is under Level < 5 > Class Encryption

Unautherized Personnel are unable to view these files - If you have stumbled upon this File, please report your findings to your nearest commanding Officer!

Please Enter the "Designated" code....:

"All Sins are Relative"

Entry Successful - Welcome Back!

Please Choose your Preffered Sub-File....

"Head of Research Profile..."
<---- *Click*
"RESEARCHER COMPLAINTS... [0 Days since last Complaint]"

Opening File "Head of Research Profile"
Are you certain you want to open this file?[YES / NO]
No, seriously. Are you certain you want to open this file?[YES / NO]



COMMENT: Profile was NOT written down by the Head of Research because he claimed that "I don't get paid enough for that shit". As such, this profile was written by a certified Foundation Personnel brought in by the Site Director(Not True, I'm just an underpaid Research Intern). Any comments made within this Profile are interpretations made by me and not the Head of Research about their character.

COMMENT_2: I don't know why you hired this person as the Head of Research

(*Dr. Digiorio claimed he would vaporize me if I put a picture of him on here. I do not want to get vaportized*)

Character Information:

- Age = Unknown, no seriously. He acts like the youngest man on earth sometimes, but then acts like the oldest man on earth sometimes. I genuinely don't know how old he is and I'm too afraid to ask. Probably mid 40s or 50s.
- Somewhat short man who claims to be 6 foot, yet the evidence is stacked against him.
- Wears glasses, sometimes wears contacts.
- Has Dark Hair.
- Kind of Scary, somewhat italian I think.
- Loves money? Loves Research more than money.
- According to him, he's married, but won't tell me to who. Says that he and her share an amazing project together, whatever that may be.​

Code Name (If Applicable): "The Godfather"

Full Name: Johnathan Antonio Giovanni Carlo Rossi DiGiorgio II (The Second)

(*Comment - There was a first!? Why the f*** is his name so long?*)

Department: Research Agency

Rank: Head of Research

(*Comment - Again, why was he made Head of Research?*)

Character Impactful Events:

In 1982, there was an Anomaly that was located in the heart of New York. Dr. DiGiorgio was dispatched on the scene with a team of 5 others (apparently he had a combat role before while also doing research, but I don't believe him). The anomaly in question was a group of sewer dwellers that had lived in the sewers for years. According to eye witness testimonies, they had seen 5 figures going out and about both in the sewers as well as outside the sewers, but the NYPD was never able to catch a glimpse of them or find where they lived for years. Being dispatched on scene, Dr. DiGiorgio states he had used many "Research Techniques" to decipher their location in an instant. He had found their base, but when he made it there with his team, he was instantly attacked! There, he saw 5 figures.... a large rat with a stick and 4 turtl.... What the f*ck? this is the f*cking plot to the Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles, this bastard is just f*cking with me now! F*** this sh*t. I'm sick of this sh*t, I'm underpaid and overworked, I hate this f*cking job, why is this bastard my boss, please someone get scouted already so I can get replaced PLEASE I BEG OF YOU.

Character Opinions:


- Working


- You, he told me to write "You". He hates you apparently, whoever you are.


- Debt Collectors. He hates when they come after him, but he loves it when he's the one collecting debts.


- Money
- Money x2
- Research (He specified that I write down that Work and Research are different. He loves research, just doesn't like to work for others.)
- Ladies
- Loyalty

Thoughts on People:


- Site Director Benoit (For... "Hiring him to this shithole" word for word, I didn't say it, he did.)
- Anyone that doesn't pay their debts to him.
- Scammers (Unless it's him doing the scamming)


- Interns that complain.... (F*ck this guy)


- Chaos Insurgency (Why the f*ck is he neutral with our enemies? What's wrong with this guy?!)


- Research Agency members, so long as they stay loyal to him.

Character Unique Items:

- Money, lots of it.
- Code to the "Hambank"
- Creator of the "Progression" Technological System

(*I'm never doing this again, I'm getting a transfer as soon as I possibly can.*)

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// Honestly sounds like a cool character but... WTF IS THAT CALENDAR