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Name: Charles
'Phoenix' Reiner

Status: ACTIVE

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: Unknown. Estimated: Late 1998

Place of Birth: Northern Alaska, United States

Occupation: Medical Director

Physical Description: 6'2, blond hair, his right eye is hazel, while his left is milky white with a scar going over it vertically, his right arm and lower legs are cybernetic. Can be seen wearing sunglasses with his new suit and lab coat. He deeply misses his armor.

Psychological Description: Intelligent, always prepared for the worst outcome when possible. Has PTSD from an incident on a mission with <REDACTED>. Other than that, he has a high tolerance to stress, as well as a pretty good memory. He values pushing people to their absolute limits, as so they can rely on themselves in times of trouble. This is also how he shows he cares for people, as he wants them to be safe.

Disabilities: Lower legs and right arm gone, PTSD.

Is always 2 steps ahead. Good with chemicals, as well as making useful technology.

Shortcomings: Sometimes comes off as rude or inconsiderate despite not intending to.

History: Phoenix was an operative in a paramilitary group known as <REDACTED>, mainly tasked with eliminating underground crime rings near the city of Moscow. During the group's last known deployment, their helicopter was reportedly shot down and he was captured and taken prisoner shortly after. An unknown time later, Phoenix was found roaming the wilderness by a nearby foundation task force and brought back to base, reportedly with no memory of what occurred after the crash. No amount of nestics were effective in retrieving this information, whether they were ineffective, or he was withholding the information voluntarily. During this time at the foundation, he worked his way up through the ranks, proving himself to be a useful asset and a great medic.

Relatives: All of Phoenix's know relatives are reported as expired.

CI- They displease him, especially their flawed ideologies worship of a false idol. They are responsible for the murder of his family, and he will stop at nothing to make them atone for their crimes.
When unqualified people try to tell him how to do his job
He doesn't understand how someone could sell their friends safety for an act of personal gain. Treason is a disgusting act of self interest.
Downfall- He views her as a risk to the foundation. Someone who could be buddy buddy with a terrorist has no regards for their brothers and sisters in arms. They have hurt too many with the effects of their actions.
He deems them too dangerous to be around the foundation, as then tend to attack medics and take them hostage.
Large groups of people-
He hates being around large crowds as they tend to bother him and start a headache.
He appreciates their work, but wishes they would maintain D-class a bit better. He is probably still miffed about the time a loose D-class blew his legs off.
Research- Sometimes they end up doing something stupid and causing a mass flood of collateral damage. This results in more patients and more paperwork for him. They seem nice and helpful enough however.
Krumpet- He doesn't see him like the rest of the Insurgency, but he doesn't
particularly like him either.
RA- He gets along with lamp pretty well, but also finds RA to be pompous and stubborn on a lot of matters. This tends to irritate him a bit.
He likes medical, and they have been good to him. He considers them to be his family, as he has none of his real family left. He is a foundation loyalist through and through.
Sam Eckhart- Is a reliable NCO. Can always count on him to do the job and get it done right. Is a general pleasure to be around as he is a humorous guy.
Timbo Lee- Always get the task at hand done, and causes a bit of tomfoolery on the way. Phoenix appreciates a good bit of tomfoolery.
Elijah Jones- Phoenix considers Elijah to be sort of like a brother, but also someone he can mentor. He has trained Elijah so that he can be his right hand man, and help Phoenix in case he needs it.
Birdie Decker- He enjoys hanging out with her, as she is immature and he can vibe with that.
Jakub "Manifest" Kolar- Sees him as a good friend and a certified goober. Phoenix can rely upon him to keep medical in a stable condition incase he is busy.
MTF units- He has great respect for both E6 and NTF as they make sure the rest of the site remains safe from chaos.
His binturong Reginald. He bought the little buddy off the internet and hasn't been seen without him since. Is typical spotted on his shoulder, not unlike a parrot.

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Birdie Decker
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