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Personnel File: Dr. Riley Halliday


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<< :: Personnel File - Riley Halliday :: >>

[Level ERR+ Beyond this point]

Authorized Personnel Only


Create Life Out Of Death. Logic out of Chaos.



< :: Image from 2017 ‘Photo-Bananza’ Foundation Personnel Photo-shoot :: >

Name: Riley Halliday

Codename(s): ‘Smithfields’ ‘Clucks’ ‘Nintendo’

Status: Active - Site-TBD | Inactive - Site-88r / Site–7b

Gender: AMAB, Non-Binary (They/Them/He/Him)

Date of Birth: August 19, 1980

Place of Birth: Greenville, North Carolina, United States of America

Occupation(s): SCP Foundation Transitionary Researcher

Clearance Level: Level TBD

Site ID: <0:0:80250898>

On-Site-Communications ID: <#277306613373599744>

Physical Description: 6’2”; Average Build; long, Dark-Brown hair; Blood type: AB+.
  • Allergies: Bananas, Pineapples.​
  • Gun-Shot Wounds: N/A​
  • Healing from N/A.​

Psychological Report:
  • Right Handed
  • No current developed psychological issues or effects post-enrollment.

  • Cognitive Resistance Value (CRV) 18.75 (Notable)
  • Psychic Resistance Index (PRI) 14-B
  • Psychic Resistance Score (PRS) 87.5

Therapist’s Note: “Good luck to whoever gets this one next. He is nothing short of convoluted and confusing. Turned from Doctor stick-up-his-*** to the site’s queer goth punk Einstein after one too many concussions. Tricky… does not begin to describe this individual.” Dr. Maddie Heinz, I.S-Med-Div.NA-U.13, August 17, 2021

Notable Documents: Driver’s License. State of North Carolina ID. Civilian Firearms License. Concealed Carry License.

History: Graduated from Sancre Tor High School in 1997 and Secondary Carolina Provincial University in 2003. Hired to the SCP Foundation in 2005 at Site–7b working in the on-site Amnesthesiology Division. Transferred to Site-88r in 2009 to the on-site Euclid Containment Division, and later the on-site Specialized Research Division in 2016. Transferred to Site-XX in 2024 to the on-site Research Division.


J. Halliday - Adoptive Father

Unknown - Biological Father

K. Mothwick - Biological Mother (Deceased)

No Siblings

Cold, not cruel.

< :: HATES :: >

  • The Chaos Insurgency. Traitors, terrorists, and iron clasped rulers squeezing dry poor and weak nations and peoples. Their goals are set, in simplest terms, in two parts. First, the destruction and elimination of the SCP Foundation. Second, the gaining of absolute power and control over anything and everything through the usage of anomalies and firepower.​
  • Class-D Personnel. Look, I can find some pity on them, but these are hazardous individuals who warrant equal security, which is far too often found lacking. Most of these ticking time bombs are ex-death row or life-sentence inmates from institutions across the world. Despite their amnesticization, their core intents and instincts frequently bear teeth towards us.​
  • Chemistry. Need I say more other than it makes no god-damned sense??​

< :: DISLIKES :: >

  • Anomalies. While one might find pity on some of these, we must remember the core ideals of the SCP Foundation. Secure, Contain, Protect. These are unexplained, and, at the drop of a hat, could at any moment turn from innocent and peaceful to world-ending abominations. It has happened before. Remember that before you ever seek pity on one, and remember the reason for the Special Containment Procedures always being before the description. They all seek freedom or destruction in some way. We must never forget the threat they pose and what we really fight for; the lives of all our families and the ignorance of the masses from an otherwise outright terrifying reality.​

< :: NEUTRALS :: >

  • The SCP Foundation. Herein lies the tale of ‘Cold, not cruel.’ Our reputation as a boogeyman of sorts to the informed world proceeds us. There may hardly be antagonistic traits for us beyond past incidents and Class-D Personnel of… reputable… origin, even if much of our methods may seem like thrown hammers, as opposed to a clean and precise, nigh-surgical cut into our reality’s anomalous plague.​
  • The Mobile Task Force Division. Disorganized, uncommunicative, yet necessary and at many a point in time effective beyond any first impression. One may see the forces as impregnable and obstinant towards niceties but we must always remember ‘hearts and minds.’ Human, just like you and I just as much as they are hardened killing machines.​

< :: LIKES :: >

  • Paths of logic and precision. Physics, mathematics, geometry, etc. etc. These are the building blocks for our standard sciences, and in suit the anomalous sciences as well. These have patterns, logic, and cold hard facts that interlock and support each other, leading to, usually, a very clean and logical system, especially when one learns how these systems work independently and codependently. Once understood, these systems can easily lock together like simple Lego bricks.​
  • Dungeons and Dragons. Dude, seriously, need I explain?​

< :: LOVES :: >

  • Patterns, Perfection, Progress. Logic, Linearity, Limits. Unity, Ultimatums, Unbiasedness, Rhyme, Rhythm, Reason. Affinity, Altruism, Awareness.​


(All previous sections on Likes and Dislikes CANNOT be taken IC’ly without learning about them in RP.)

(To find out their inventory items and items they own, find out in RP. They are not listed here beyond standard load-out gear for in-game jobs.)


Items in Personal Bunks:

Dog-Tags/Tokens of Dead: ‘Riley Halliday, Level . 19/08/93 S-?? BT:AB+’.

Equipment: Blue Nitrile disposable exam gloves, Hagoromo Fulltouch White Chalk 12 pack, HotHands Super Warmer heat packs, Foundation-Issued Radio, Foundation-Issued PDA, Foundation-Issued Tablet, Level ? Keycard, MIRA EDC Protective Face Mask, 60x 65mg Potassium Iodide tablets, MIRA Safety Geiger-2 Dosimeter, GQ GMC-600 Plus Geiger Counter, Combs Tech Wyoming Leather Casual Boots, MIRA CM-7M Gas Mask, SP36 5000k lh351d Flashlight, 14" Gorilla Pry Bar, RSDL Decontamination Kit.

Personal Comms:

Radio Channels:
Documents Authored: Previous files inaccessible.
// Additional Comments & Notes:​

Image 1: ’Character Design Male’ <.Link.>

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