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What are some of your predictions that you think might happen once AU officially opens. (Storyline, Gameplay, SCPs, etc.)
From what I can tell the story lines most likely going to focus around information. Since Zaur has a story character named the 4th wandsman of the nile. Secondly I think it will be set in Africa most likely Eygpt or sudan since the CI SOP mentions major holds in africa and once again zaur has a character who is called "Of the nile". As for how the Map is going to look. Personally I think we might see a savannah type or jungle type map. I think a desert map would be an obvious no go and those other 2 would be more interesting. Now I feel it is most likely a Jungle map as a savannah map would get rather boring and a jungle map could allow for far more interesting terrain and map features.

Gameplay wise. Research is def taking a front seat it seems. With new SWEPS being added and the addition of the Research agency.
My guess is that a entity will try to recruit followers within the site for some big evil scheme, bonus points if a HC gets pked in the process