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SCP-4000-W “Joseph”

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Oliver Campbell

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  1. How many SCPs have you applied for and gotten Accepted? [0, 1, 2, 3 ,4]: 0
    1. If you put [4], which SCP whitelist would you like to swap with this one if the Application is accepted? (Ignore if less than 4):
  2. Which SCP are you applying for?: SCP-4000-W “Joseph”
  3. Give a detailed description of this SCP in YOUR OWN WORDS (100 Words MINIMUM): Joseph, also known as “SCP-4000-W” is an anomalous d-class who became a byproduct of SCP-4000. It is still unclear how he was able to get this anomalous ability, due to most d-class disappearing. SCP-4000-W, although relatively nice, can become ‘enraged’ if NTF treat him poorly. This can result in him turning into SCP-4000-W-2, a giant stalking beast that will kill anyone in sight. If reasoning with SCP-4000-W is unavailable, recruits will be allowed to shoot him on sight. Although we here at the foundation believe in the containment, and not destruction, of SCPs, it should be noted that Joseph is able to regenerate back in his cell, with nothing but memory loss. A strong counter to SCP-4000-W breaching is to keep him company. He can get depressed easily, which will lead to an enragement.
  4. What Object Class is this SCP?: Euclid
  5. How is this SCP maintained on our Server?: Company and friends.
  6. How does this SCP breach on our Server?: if he is lonely for 20 minutes, he will breach
  7. How is this SCP re-contained on our Server?: by killing him, or calming him down and leading him back to his cc
  8. What does this SCP do while breached?: rip and tear
  9. Does this SCP fear for its life?: in a docile state, yes.
  10. Can this SCP open doors?: yes
  11. Can this SCP breach other SCPs? If so, what are the rules regarding it?: no he cannot
  12. Can this SCP be killed? If so, how?: by normal means. Guns, damage, etc.
  13. After getting contained as an SCP, what do you HAVE to do?: log off for 5 minutes, so someone else can have a turn, and then log back on if you can and start your timer.

  1. Have you ever been removed from this Job? (If so, please explain why?): no
  2. What is a "/me"? Please give an example: a /me is a rp response for when you want to be a bit more detailed. For instance, “‘/me picks up a rock and throws it.”
  3. If someone performs a "/me" against you, what do you do?: I would /me back, and then we both roll to see who has the upper hand.
  4. What is a "/roll"? Please give an example: it is a command that allows you to roll from 1-100. This usually is used to signify who has the upper hand in a fight. Let’s say someone is in an rp fight. If person A rolls a 8, and person B rolls a 73, person B has the current upper hand
  5. What is RDM? Please give an example: killing without reason. An example of this is people that will shoot their comrades for no reason.
  6. What is NLR? Please give an example: it stands for New Life Rule. This means that if someone gets killed, they need to not remember the original life and how they died.
  7. What is FearRP? Please give an example: fear rp is the act of valuing your characters life. If you are outgunned, don’t Rambo. If there are 5 guns to your pistol, you need to surrender.
  8. When a staff member tells you to get off the job, will you listen to them? (Yes / No): yes
  9. Do you understand that the goal of playing any SCP is to roleplay, not get kills whenever you can? (Yes / No): yes

  1. What is the date? (DD/MM/YYYY): April 12, 2024
  2. What is your Discord name and Discord ID?: VoiceImp.Guy, voiceimpressionsguy
  3. What is your in-game name?: Lil Gangsta Petey
  4. What is your SteamID? (Steam_64 - Example: 76561198062648488): 76561198320203751
  5. How many hours do you have in GMod, and how long do you think you've played on the server?: 2500, since opening,
  6. What other characters do you actively play as?: Oliver Campbell, Dr Hughes, and Javie Shortbeard
  7. Please list ALL of your warns and/or Bans: N/A

Please contact a staff member in-game for your whitelist

Not open for further replies.