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C: \\ Chaos_Insurgency \\ Data_Base \\ Personnel_File-1932 \\ Tazza Malta


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"The eternal silence of these infinite spaces frightens me."

Name :: █████ ████
Clearance Level ::
Password :: ██████████
Decryption Key :: █████████████████████████

...Reviewing Credentials...
Credentials Accepted, Welcome █████ ████


Full-Name ::
Tazza Malta

Code-Name :: "Straya"
Current-Personnel-Status :: Active
Date-of-Birth :: Unknown
Birthplace :: Australia, South Australia, Black Point
Current-Positions :: Assault Insurgent Specialist

Previously a member of SITE-██'s Chaos Insurgency as a Colonel, Tazza was revered for his marksmanship and Assassination skills he was a leader of a special forces squad inside the chaos insurgency, after a mission gone bad by betrayal Tazza was captured by SITE-██'s Red Right Hand and taken in for questioning, Due to Tazza's status as a special forces operative he was uncooperative and did not listen to such commands, due to this he was a subject of many human tests most of which included testing new torture methods.

After 2.5 years of captivity Tazza was rescued by a group that goes by the name of 'The Global Occult Coalition" he would later enlist as a member of the G.O.C, he would soon climb the ranks and reach the rank of lieutenant and head of the Bulldozer Program, Due to his differing mindset he would later leave the G.O.C to pursue a new career as a chaos insurgent once again.

(Any Information here is direct quotes Tazza has Said)
The S.C.P Foundation -
Cowards, Not utilizing SCPs to their fullest Potential for the Human Race.
2nd of November 1932 - We do not mention what happened on this date,
(Seriously guys how did we lose to birds?)
Sharp Objects - I cannot stand these things! Far too many accident happen when they're around...

The Global Occult Coalition -
They may be a strange group of people, But at least they know how to handle a good joke!
The Church of the Broken God - Probably the strangest Folk I've seen in a long while, They are very Interesting.

The Chaos Insurgency - They're the best! They actually use the SCPs to their fullest potential unlike other groups of interests.
Research Insurgents - Without them we wouldn't know much about the threats we face, I've got to give it to em!
Australian Culture - To be fair What's an australian if they don't like their own culture?

Miscellaneous Information
Due to Years of torture by Mobile Task Force Alpha-1 Tazza has a deep hatred for such groups, He will make sure any Alpha-1 Operative will be six feet under the dirt.

Tazza has a small golden box sealed with red wax he carries around, it is unknown what is stored inside of it but it must mean a lot to him...

Tazza has been seen Reading up on Information on current locations of GOI-004 "The Church of the Broken God" It is unsure if he wishes to defect to them or not.

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Thank you for Reviewing this Document, Closing File Goodbye █████ ████.

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