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CI Database: Operative Polas

[COMM] Zaur

Management Team
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[<!>] WARNING [<!>]

The database you are attempting to access contains sensitive information on a private military database. Please dispose of this information ASAP.

Only Authorized Personnel
[ALPHA] may proceed.


Your eyes begin to flicker, as a black substance starts pouring out from your eyes. You feel a terrible pain overwhelm you, as your nerves begin to shut down from all the pain and suffering. And you simply… collapse…




<!> Overview <!>

Commander Polas
Name: Goban Pyrus
Codename: ‘Polas’

Position: SI Senior Operative
Previous Positions: Commander of Cell-85 | CI Contractor

Status: Active
Gender: Male
DOB: 03/15/1985
POB: Estonia, Elva

<!> General Database <!>

Physical Description:
• Russian Descent.
• Gray Eyes.
• Wears a worn-down uniform (seriously he needs to get a new one.)

Psychological Description:
• A cold-blooded individual while on duty; acts more human around those he feels comfortable with.
• Impulsive & Anxious.

• Previous experience in SPEC/Covert Operations.
• Experience in advanced psychology.

• Suffers from Aquaphobia.
• Very impulsive.

<!> Relatives <!>

Rhy Pyrus: Oldest brother to Goban, current location and occupation is unknown.
Juan Pyrus: Youngest brother to Goban, current location and occupation is unknown.

<!> Collections <!>

• Standardized rifle with marks for "special" terminations. [|||]

• Specialized CI Equipment.
• Explosive Charges.
• Spare Bottle of Vodka.

[OOC] Personal Thoughts [OOC]

- GRU-P: There is a reason I have aquaphobia.
- Mr. Couture: I give him my damn respect, provide a name, and the man REFUSES to provide the same respect. They REFUSE to work with me, to provide at the very least answers for why THEY ARE INVADING MY DAMN LAND. He is clueless and is purely a puppet for The Foundation's High Command.
- Dr. Mehoney: Idiot. Works behind my back. Leaks my secrets. Traitors will perish under my boot.

- The SCP Foundation: Don't get me wrong, these bastards should still very much die. But in terms of their organization, they at least do their job. Keep humanity safe. But they restrain themselves still; the anomaly should be used to aid humanity, to make us the superior beings of this reality. No more suffering... No more crying... Just... safe.

- Brothers: It's sad how things must end. I'm... sorry.
- "Krumpet": Nice kid, seems to have a good heart, though they are a bit of a coward at times. They talk alot about their past, to find... something(?) Funny, I try to forget mine alot, wish I had that luck.

- The Chaos Insurgency: A pure philosophy. The end is greater than the means we achieve it. So let ourselves go, and embrace the chaos. Perhaps then at the end, we'll finally stand above our shackles. The anomaly stands as our tool, and we are its wielders.
- Commander Psycho: I don't care for what secrets you hold. So long as you continue to lead my cell to greatness, I'll be happy. You've served well, even if I disagree with you at times, I respect you. Even if you're... whatever you are I guess(?) I'll follow.

- Mrs. D.P: The stars await us.

- L.P: I'll make you a better world.

<!> Additional <!>

Addendum 1: ‘Polas’ was recruited into The Chaos Insurgency after being spotted in Northern Russia Territory near an outburst of SCP-███. No infection was detected, ‘Polas’ was recruited after interrogation.

Addendum 2: ‘Polas’ was assigned to Cell-█ after a successful infiltration within Area-██. Notice given out to ‘Polas’ to handle Area-██ and retrieve SCP-██ currently awaiting transportation to Site-██.

Addendum 3:

Addendum 4: Assigned to Cell-85 as Commander.

Addendum 5: Contract expired; reassigned to SPIRE.

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// Also for future reference, you do not have to ask my permission to hack this DCB. I leave this ALPHA Encryption for a reason.