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[DENIED] Jose antino <RP> Application

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Name: -[SOME_GUY]-
Discord: [SOME_GUY]#3277
Steam id: 76561199113469224
Role: Research Agency Private Second class.

My character RA.PV2.Jose antino

Has the power of object transformation . The reason why, he's an Humanoid from a different dimension that's very different from the main dimension [aka the SCP server world ], He been in this dimension for about one hundred and twenty five years Now he's in the SCP Foundation a research agent For unknown reasons.
His object transformation can only affect products that are from wood or is wood product [like paper and cardboard] that is smaller than his Upper chest and down.

The objects he can transform wood into is The first element on the periodic table all the way to 100 And the components that can be made from the elements in that 1 to 100 gap.

Cannot create objects that are formed from many other objects such as guns, electronics and others.

Cannot create organic matter materials like beef, bread and greens.

Jose is very loyal to the foundation and will not listen to CI reason to create something for them.

The only way to distinguish him from a normal. Human being is to X-ray him cause his organs on the inside is very different from normal humans, Example, he has 2 hearts and 2 brains [ The secondary organs act as replacement parts just in case if the originals die.],his blood and mucus is a light or dark color blue and bones are a charcoal black color.

What will he do to server if accepted

It will be a source for items that the foundation will require For example gunpowder and metal to create more bullets more ammo
And A higher concentrated acid for 682 bath but The more complex something is, the longer it will take for him to create it.
For example. If he's gonna create water, it's gonna take about 15 seconds but If he's gonna make a pill like ibuprofen it's going to take him about forty minutes [In game of course]

This is the end of my application form if u don't accept this. I'll understand but still be sad
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Unfortunately this application has been denied. Feel free to reach out to me for further details! You may reapply in one week.
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