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Oliver Campbell

Oliver Campbell

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Level 5 Clearance Required. Unauthorized entry to encrypted documents will be persecuted to the fullest extent of the SCP Foundation authority. Scroll down to continue.

Full Name: Oliver Jackson Campbell

Site Technician

Rank: N/A

Description: Oliver Campbell is a current site technician at Site-[REDACTED]. He is a 19 year old caucasian male, with a height of approximately 5’9. With lighter brown hair and green eyes, Oliver is usually seen with glasses, a green hoodie, jeans, and grey shoes. He as well, on his neck, has a tattoo of an unknown symbol. He tends to have a nervous stature, and is unsure of his decisions. Despite this, he does show qualities of critical thinking skills and intelligence when the time is needed.

Character Impactful Events: 12/31/2021:

Discovery: Oliver Campbell was discovered inside of SCP-7410, also known as “Peddigrew’s Asylum”. After a raid on the asylum in order to retrieve information and contain subjects, Oliver was discovered on their basement level, with a mind that was disheveled and broken. Along with him, multiple patients were found with their bodies horrifically mutated, looking more ‘like disfigured animals than humans.’ Unsalvageable subjects were promptly terminated, while subjects like Oliver were brought to the foundation, and put under psychoanalysis.

Out of all of the patients recovered, Oliver was the only survivor. The rest died shortly after from unknown, anomalous causes. Research on how Oliver was the sole survivor is underway.



“Hate is a strong word… I don’t really hate anything. Maybe CI? But that’s more of a business thing… Hm…”

NTF: “I don’t hate all NTF. They have saved me hundreds of times. But I hate those ones that think they suddenly have a masters degree in coding and engineering. I watched one get angry and shoot the announcement system, and set it on fire! I mean… WHY?!”
Bonzi Buddy: “I despise that little anomalous monkey. Every day, the Site Director installs additional stuff onto his computer, and every time he says ‘ha ha purple monkey go ooh ooh ah ah.’ I respect the guy, but we can’t let the center computer for all the secrets of the world be in the hands of a bit miner.”
Pizza: “Too much carbs. I’m not sure why everyone goes that ballistic over pizza day.”

CI: “I’m not opposed to them. I think it would be a wonderful world if anomalous creatures could roam free, but there has to be a limit. We clearly can’t let 682 out of his acid pit, and we SURELY can’t let something like 106 out either… Weird guy…”

Books: “I’m a big fan of book. I especially love that one SCP that allows you to dream a fantasy world. Oh, how I wish we could get that one! But we’re not able to get it approved…”

Thoughts on People:



SCP-079: “That little excuse of a computer constantly is stressing me out. Do you know how many code blacks I had to circumvent because of that guy? Way too many. Way. Too. Many.”

Dr. Shannon Hughes: “He scares me more than anything. I shudder to think about what’s going on inside of that head of his. The thoughts of unsustained cruelty against GENSEC…”

GENSEC: “I don’t want to say it, but to me it seems like they give anyone a gun except for me. I’ve been yelled at, shot at, and belittled by so many PVTs that it’s hard to count how many. Dr Hughes seems to be very fond of them, though. Especially the bad mouthing ones.”

Dr. Shannon Hughes: “He scares me more than anything. I shudder to think about what’s going on inside of that head of his. The thoughts of unsustained cruelty against GENSEC…”

Pherosa: “Pherosa? Yes, she’s a good friend of mine. She’s very nice. You should try sitting down and have a conversation with her. She loves to listen!”

‘Compassion’ : “Ah, the former RRH captain! We had a whole little adventure, and became good friends! I was told that I wasn’t allowed to say anything about what happened. I’ll have to keep it a secret. Shhhh.”

Oliver’s Items:
A Heart Shaped Pendant

“I honestly have no idea where I got this from, but it was from someone… I wish I could remember…”