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Flarple Mc'fimple


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Name: Flarple Mc'fimple

Codename(s): None.

Status: Active - Site-TBD | Inactive - Site-88r / Site–7b

Gender: Male

Birth Date: November 27, 2001
Place of Birth
: Chicago, Illinois, United States of America

Occupation(s): General Security

Clearance Level
: Level TBD

Physical Description: 5”9; Skinny; Short, Light Brown Low taper; Blood type: O.

Background: Originating from Chicago, Flarple Was always in trouble. Starting with minor things such as getting into fights with peers, Or cursing out his teachers. He eventually fell in with the wrong people, He did small-time things. They were still illegal things like robbing people in the alleys or shoplifting. but then a gang approached him, He joined them. After they attempted to rob a liquor store the police caught up to them. After getting a 1 year sentence and a $2000 fine he tries to better himself in juvie. Coming out of juvie he returns home to his parents and gets kicked out. Flarple has lived on the streets for 3 months. But, He runs into a member of the old gang. "Join us again, I'll give you a home," he said to Flarple. But Flarple told the man to go fuck himself. Flarple sleeps near his parent's house. Flarple wakes up to loud shots they sound close. He franticly sprints to his parent's house to see if they are ok. He ends up in front of the house. The door is smashed in, there are bullet holes in the living room window. He runs into the house and rushes to his parent's room. There are two bodies on the floor and two men with guns standing over them. They're facing the window, and Flarple runs up behind the men. He gets a good punch in on one of the men's head. There is a shard of glass on the ground Flarple picks it up and stabs one of the men then takes his gun. He shoots the other man 23 times with the gun, it seems to resemble an AK-47. He looks down at the bodies. It's his mom and dad, they are dead. crying Flarple has to flee the scene. At the age of 16 Flarple became an orphan. He leaves Chicago and after surviving and running for what feels like forever he ends up in Brooklyn, where he gets a friend that lets Flarple stay with him. Flarple gets a job at the age of 17, He starts seeming like he's gonna be successful. Then he sees something he's not supposed to. He comes home late from a closing shift. There's a man in a plague doctor-like costume in the corner "Who are you? What are you doing in here he franticly shouts. Multiple men wearing military-like gear burst through the door. A bag is over his head. He wakes up in a cell in an orange jumpsuit with no recollection of anything. The cell door is open so he walks out. There is a large cafeteria in front of him to his side is a walkway with more cells than a staircase down. He looks up to see a walkway leading to some kind of control room. he walks down the staircase to see metal bars that has some kind of walkway leading to a little room with an airlock door. He sees other people there. He walks to the people, they are in military gear they look like they are guarding the airlock. "Step away D-Class" One of them says. "What's a D-Class" He says. "Wait, You're Flarple aren't you?" One says. "Yeah, I am" Flarple responds. "follow me" one says. Flarple follows him, and they end up in some kind of armory. "put this on and grab one of these guns, And here is your access card" The Man says. "Thank you" Flarple responds. "In 3 hours come back here to be briefed" The man says. After walking around and exploring Flarple gets informed about almost everything on a need-to-know basis about this place. This place is called the foundation, there are many sites apparently. He starts to remember what happened.