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Incredibly annoying headshot glitch with all CI weapons

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On GMOD server

Medium priority? Maybe high depending on how EMT see it

During the server downtime we decided to test out a lot of the CI weaponry, especially since we started to figure out that the sniper weapons can diss out 2+ headshots and people are still walking around.

I have a good selection of clips that show the same damage all around for every CI weapon, headshot, and body shot.

Was headshot by a Sniper multiple times, resulting in only 80 damage or so being taken away instead of 160 or double that amount

Same testing ^^

Testing LMG for heavy, takes 25 bullets for the first kill and then 60+ for the second test

Tested Medic gun, takes 23 bullets and all were headshots, that shouldn't be the case in double damage headshots

Funny enough, the pistol does more damage and only takes 8 bullets to kill a single person rather than double the bullets from the rifles, or even triple with the LMG

More close up perspective with the pistol, aiming around the head to see if the head hitbox was just smaller

Takes 3 headshots from a sniper to kill me (Am on a LT WL)

This has affected all of CI, and I'm sure E6 as well I haven't asked them about it but I assume it is the same thing. I do have suggestions but this is a bug report, the additions I'll save for when the suggestions are actually open
I'll have to do some testing but from experience I believe the E6 Sniper has the same thing as I've headshot CI before multiple times and they stayed up fine. Not confirmed though, may just be a skill issue on my part.
Thanks for the report! We have added it to our list.
Let me explain what is going on. The armor system that we have reduces dmg based on the amount of armor that you have. I even tested this out myself and killed a person multiple times with 2 headshots at 100 armor. You have to remember that the server tick, the player count, and the amount of people in the vicinity affects the outcome of these things. You are going to do more dmg on someone without armor than with armor. The snipers are all 1 shot kills to the head to people without armor.

Pistols do 20+ dmg depending on the addons you use for the gun. So it having a smaller clip means that It will shred armor faster causing the person to die quicker without armor. I killed someone multiple times with just 4-5 bullets to the head with a pistol and they all do the same dmg.

The LMG does 13dmg with magnum rounds, so it taking a few shots to the head is understandable. The reason it wasn't doing that much dmg when he respawned is because of spawn protection.

Assault rifles:
They all do 12 dmg with magnum rounds equipped. You didn't equip magnum rounds so you were only doing 10dmg a shot. Applies to my point at the top.

What I am saying the armor system is working as intended. It reduces dmg based on your armor. The less armor you have the more dmg you take. The clip with the heavy getting head shot by the sniper was taking a lot of armor away. When you shoot a heavy with a ton of armor they are essentially only taking 1 hp dmg with a rifle/smg but their armor is getting broken.
I hope this clears up some confusion and gives a better understanding of what is going on.
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